Umno Bukit Katil divisional meeting enters Malaysia Book of Records


MELAKA: The Bukit Katil Umno divisional meeting has made it into the Malaysian Book of Records (MBOR) as the party's largest divisional meet in the country.

MBOR chief executive officer Datuk Michael Tio said 22,000 delegates filled the Melaka International Trade Centre here today surpassing the 20,000-strong crowd in Machang, Kelantan yesterday.

"A large crowd would usually be about 20,000 people.

"But there are about 25,000 chairs, of which 22,000 were occupied," he told reporters.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had earlier opened the meeting.

Meanwhile, Tio also urged other Umno division meetings to try and break the record.

"We have not received any applications from other division meetings before this.

"This was the first time they applied and was immediately recognised as the largest meeting," he said.

Earlier, Najib in his speech, praised the "positive" attendance from the grassroot members here.

"Yesterday, I opened the Machang Umno division meeting in Kelantan with over 20,000 delegates present and Bukit Katil is no less impressive." said Najib.