Umno doesn’t need Anwar, says Annuar Musa

John Bunyan
Annuar said Umno’s strength lay in the loyal commitment shown by the Malay community. — Picture by Miera Zulyana

PASIR SALAK, Sept 2 — Umno will not cooperate with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim if he is appointed as prime minister, party secretary-general Tan Sri Annuar Musa said.

Annuar, in his speech during the ‘Melayu Bangkit’ rally at Kampung Gajah here last night, said that the PKR president is the one who will need Umno’s help for political purposes someday.

“Anwar said he doesn’t need Umno, but the reality is, Umno never wanted him. But a time will come where he will need Umno.

“Umno is not dead yet. Instead it appears to be more powerful because the party did not depend on any individuals or leaders,” he said.

Recently, a newspaper reported that Anwar will reject any cooperation with Umno if he is appointed as Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s successor.

However, Anwar said his statement on Umno was misinterpreted.

Annuar said Umno’s strength lay in the loyal commitment shown by the Malay community.

“Today’s gathering is the perfect example. People claim Umno attracts crowd by bribing them, but today Umno is no longer the government yet thousands of people gathered. This is where our strength lies,” he said.

Annuar also said Umno will not be racist if Malay rights were not questioned or challenged.

“Most of the rich people in the country are Chinese and Indians. We never questioned them why they are rich.

“The Malays are willing to remain as farmers and do other jobs as long as their rights and interests were not threatened,” he said.

Annuar also said when Barisan Nasional was the government, Malays never had to worry about having their rights or interests threatened.

Thousands of Malays from around the country attended the ‘Melayu Bangkit’ rally to fight for Malay rights, Malay Rulers and Islam.

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