Was Umno’s strategic media unit behind revelation that MO1 was Najib, Kit Siang asks

Opalyn Mok

Lim accused the ‘mysterious and nameless Umno strategic media unit’ as being a mouthpiece and proxy of Najib and wondered if the unit wants to continue to be the ‘power behind the throne’. — Picture by Shafwan Zaidon

GEORGE TOWN, June 18 — DAP’s Lim Kit Siang wants the identities of those behind Umno’s strategic communications unit to be revealed.

The Iskandar Puteri MP wanted to know if the Umno strategic unit had anything to do with the revelation by an Umno leader that MO1 in the US Department of Justice kleptocratic litigation on the 1MDB scandal referred to former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

He said the same Umno strategic media unit laid claim to the over RM100 million assets seized by the police from Najib’s Pavilion Residences.

“Was this claim made officially on behalf of the Umno leadership or only by the Umno strategic media unit on behalf of faceless and nameless individuals?” he asked in a statement today.

He said it is time that the “mysterious and nameless Umno strategic media unit” which surfaced after the general elections to be “unmasked”.

Lim accused it as being a mouthpiece and proxy of Najib and wonder if the unit wants to continue to be the “power behind the throne”.

He is responding to allegations by the Umno strategic communications unit that outsiders are attempting to meddle in Umno’s internal affairs as it’s general assembly is set to be held end of this month.

“This shadowy Umno strategic communications unit said ex-leaders and ex-members now with PKR or Bersatu have no right to interfere in forthcoming Umno elections, saying that it was a “crazy attempt by outsiders to pick a certain leader or to predict the results”,” Lim said.

He claimed the Umno strategic communications unit also made baseless allegations that its elections this year will be different from the “closed”contest during Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed’s time and “the way Lim Kit Siang leads DAP”.

It claimed that DAP’s members and leaders condemned and hated the closed way Lim had led DAP.

Lim said DAP members will never forget Umno’s attempts to destroy DAP by influencing the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to declare the DAP Central Executive Committee elections in December 2012 as undemocratic and illegal.

“This led to a six-year long ordeal, trial and tribulation devised by Umno/BN strategists to destroy the DAP, including the holding of a totally unnecessary DAP CEC re-elections — when the RoS was taking directives not from the Home Minister but directly from the Prime Minister’s Office,” he claimed.

He told Umno leaders and strategists to stop their sham and pretence that they never interfered in the internal affairs of other political parties.

He also demanded that Umno, during its general assembly, apologise to DAP for the six-year ordeal the party had to undergo when Umno tried to influence the RoS to ban DAP.