UN delivers aid as Ethiopians flee to Sudan

Aid agencies are scaling up the humanitarian response in remote areas of eastern Sudan, where more than 30,000 people fleeing the fighting have arrived in less than two weeks.

At the Fashaga camp in Sudan's Al-Qadarif state, the United Nations delivered jerry cans, blankets and dry food rations on Friday.

The UN is planning for as many as 200,000 refugees to arrive in the next six months and has been mobilising supplies to move people away from crowded transit points further into the country.

Phone and internet links have been cut in Tigray since Ethiopian government troops launched an offensive early this month against regional authorities they accused of staging a surprise attack on federal forces.

The mostly Tigrayan refugees fled Ethiopia with few possessions and many spent days on the run before crossing into Sudan.

This woman explains that when she heard the gunfire, she just ran with only the clothes she is wearing.

Almost all those fleeing into Sudan have arrived at border crossing points, bringing first-hand accounts of the fighting.