UN experts call for urgent protection of Journalists at risk of persecution in Afghanistan

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Geneva [Switzerland], September 4 (ANI): A group of UN human rights experts on Friday called on all countries to provide urgent protection to Afghan journalists and media workers who fear for their lives and face persecution in the war-torn country.

"Journalists and media workers, in particular women, are facing heightened risks since the Taliban's political takeover of Afghanistan," United Nations Human Rights Special Procedures quoted UN experts as saying.

The situation in Afghanistan has been deteriorating after the Taliban seized control of the war-ravaged country. On August 15, the Afghan government fell soon after President Ashraf Ghani left the country.

"All governments must take strong and swift action to protect Afghan journalists who face persecution, including by expediting visas, assisting with evacuation and keeping their borders open for those who wish to leave Afghanistan," the experts said.

Recalling the various resolutions on the safety of journalists adopted by the Human Rights Council in recent years, the UN experts called on the Council to uphold its own commitment and do more to address the growing threat to the safety of journalists in the country, reported United Nations Human Rights Special Procedures.

"Reports of targeted killings of journalists and their family members, home raids, threats and intimidation in areas controlled by the Taliban have sharply increased in recent months. This is taking place in a context where Afghanistan is already considered one of the most dangerous countries for journalists," the experts said.

"The Council should consider setting up an investigative and monitoring mechanism for accountability for all human rights violations that have been taking place, including attacks, reprisals and violence against journalists and media workers. Accountability for human rights violations is critical not only for individual justice but also the prevention of future violations," the experts added.

Emphasising the crucial prevention role of the Human Rights Council, they called on the Council and all States to do their utmost to preserve the hard-won gains for media freedom, including for women journalists and media workers. "Last week's Council resolution on human rights in Afghanistan fails to address the specific risks faced by journalists and human rights defenders in the country," experts said.

"We are deeply worried about the threats and systematic human rights violations faced by female journalists, as they may be targeted for working in the media or simply being a woman in public life," the UN experts said.

"The safety of journalists, women and men alike, human rights defenders and gender equality activists must be a key consideration of their engagement on the human rights situation in Afghanistan. It is imperative for all States to stand firmly with the people of Afghanistan," they added. (ANI)

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