UN Slammed Online For Using 'Questions I Get Asked' Tiktok Trend to Do FAQ

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The United Nations always tries to reach out to a global community through its various initiatives and in order to connect to a younger population it has now hopped on to a popular TikTok trend. As the international leaders come together for the UN General Assembly this week, the UN decided to explain what are its primary functions through the Questions I Get Asked trend on TikTok.

The TikTok video showed a woman performing the dance as the questions and answers flashed on the screen which had the picture of UNGA in the background. The first question that flashed on the screen was, what is the UNGA. The answer to this question reads that it is the main policy-making body of the UN. The follow-up question, who constitutes the UNGA. Answer: “All 193 member countries. Each has one vote.” The last one in the TikTok video – what is discussed in the UNGA, and the lady pointed to a list of things that read global challenges like the climate crisis, racism, inequality, poverty, and armed conflicts.

The video was shared on Twitter by the UN where it has been viewed over 139.7k times. A few users expressed their distaste towards the video for the thought that making TikTok videos deprives an international organisation like the UN of the serious work that it is supposed to do. As one user commented, “The UN clearly has to get the message out through social media challenges … but this is just not the way to do it.”

Another commented in disbelief, “Are you kidding with us?”

For some, the video was too plain as one comment read, “What's this? UN for dummies?”

The UN has been reaching out to a younger population and considering how TikTok has become the It social media app for GenZ. Earlier this week, the UN also invited the South Korean group BTS to perform inside the UN Headquarters in New York as special envoys from the East Asian country.

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