Uncle beats pet to death; cat owner files criminal complaint

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The suspect in the middle of beating his niece’s pet cat with a
2″x 1.75″ wood. | Image taken from the Facebook of Norman Marquez

CEBU, Philippines – A cat owner filed a complaint against her uncle who mercilessly tortured and killed her pet.

With the assistance of animal welfare advocate, Norman Marquez of Baguio Animal Welfare Cordillera to the Rest of the Philippines (BAW CoRe PH), Grace filed on Wednesday (January 9) a criminal complaint against her uncle after the apparent torture of her pet cat at the Cebu City Prosecutor’s Office.

Grace narrated that on December 24, 2018, she saw her cat rushing towards her with blood on its forehead while being chased by her uncle who was holding a piece of 2″x 1.75″ wood.

When the cat reached the open area, Grace’s uncle struck the cat multiple times while the cat was squirming in intense pain.

After several swift strikes on the head and body, Grace’s uncle paused to inspect the cat.

That’s when Grace decided to approach her uncle but she stopped midway because she noticed that her uncle was drunk.

Grace decided to record her uncle’s actions through her mobile phone.

She hoped her uncle would stop by seeing her recording him but to her disbelief, the man resumed striking the helpless animal. Still seemingly unsatisfied, the suspect grabbed the motionless cat by the tail and carried it towards the Guadalupe river. Upon passing a covered court, the suspect smashed the cat once against a post.

He continued walking towards the river and upon reaching the opening of the walls leading to the river, he again smashed the poor animal against the rough surface of the wall before throwing the cat into the water.

In her affidavit, Grace filed a criminal complaint for Violation of Section 6 of Republic Act No. 8485, otherwise known as The Animal Welfare Act of 1998, for “having with felonious intent, deliberate malice, premeditation and stealth, clobbered with a piece of wood at least eleven (11) times and smashed on hard surface two (2) times, a defenseless and unsuspecting cat, causing tremendous pain, suffering, terror, and death thereto.”

Marquez was able to talk Grace’s uncle on January 5.

The suspect argued that he hit the cat for eating their food and for trying to bite him and his family members during that time and in the past.

Marquez advised him to seek the assistance of the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) to help him with his defense. – Marje Pelayo (with details from Cats of Manila)

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