Is this the unhappiest goal celebration ever?

Daniel Teo
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This picture of Fernando Torres'celebrating' his second goal for Chelsea against Nordsjaelland neatly summed up the mood at Stamford Bridge last night.

Despite scoring as many times as he had in his previous 14 games, the Spaniard was in no mood to crack a smile as Chelsea went out of Europe.

Torres has cut an increasingly miserable figure since his move to Chelsea in January 2011, and a sullen crowd produced a sterile atmosphere as they continue their opposition to new manager Rafael Benitez.

But was Torres's celebration the unhappiest goal celebration ever?

Let's look at five more contenders.

Mario Balotelli

The Manchester City strikers never smiles after scoring - he claims he is only doing his job and sees no reason to celebrate.

There are many examples of deadpan reactions, but our favourite comes from Italy's Euro 2012 semi-final victory against Germany.

On blasting the ball into the net, Balotelli whipped off his shirt, struck an Indrecible Hulk pose and produced a bone-chilling stare.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is rarely slow to trumpet his own achievements, so we knew there was something amiss when he did not celebrate his goals in a 3-0 win against Getafe in September.

Quizzed after the game, Ronaldo said: "I didn't celebrate the goals because I'm a little sad. The people inside the club know why it is. I'm not going to say anything more."

Poor lamb. Despite Real's poor form Ronaldo's sadness appears to have subsided.

Tim Howard

For most goalkeepers, scoring a goal would prompt wild celebrations. Not so the classy Howard.

In January, the Everton man launched a long clearance that, amid a blustery wind, bounced over the hapless Bolton keeper Adam Bogdan and landed in the net.

As the Everton players reacted with glee, Howard refused to celebrate, saying: "I'm disappointed from a goalkeeper's standpoint and you never want to see that happen. It's ugly, not very nice and can be embarrassing."

Temuri Ketsbaia

Far from just giving it a surly shrug, Ketsbaia took the unhappy celebration to strange new places in 1998 after scoring against Bolton.

Ketsbaia had reportedly been angered at not starting the game, and greeted his late winner by ripping off his shirt and throwing it into the crowd before attempting to take his boots off.

Having failed in this second endeavour, he settled for giving the advertising hoardings a good kicking while his team-mates tried in vain to control him.

Ketsbaia's explanation: "I was just happy to score."

Denis Law

The Manchester United legend ended his career with a season at rivals Manchester City.

A nightmare scenario played out when the teams met on the last day of the season with United deep in relegation trouble.

Law scored the only goal - a backheel no less - in the 81st minute and, believing his goal had sent United down he refused to celebrate and was immediately substituted. In fact, United would have gone down anyway.