Unique Coca-Cola bottles see huge success in Israel

Coca-Cola's "Stay Extraordinary" campaign in Israel has produced extraordinary results, the company has announced.

Over 2 million different kaleidoscopic bottle designs were created and produced as part of the campaign, launched in July of this year.

The one-of-a-kind Diet Coke bottles were produced by the brand via a special algorithm which gave the printers the ability to think like designers, effectively tweaking the graphics themselves. The result, Coke pointed out, was that "no other bottle in the world looks the same."

Created in collaboration with innovation agency Gefen Team, the campaign has led to a 2.1 percent increase in sales and a 3 percent increase in brand perception in Israel, with the special bottles even being listed on eBay for collectors.

The move follows the huge success of the brand's "Share a Coke" campaign, in which different names are printed on bottle labels, building on the soda company's marketing direction of appealing to individual consumers.

Find out more at http://vimeo.com/109386803