When there is unity, there is victory

Benjamin Teow
Zarif said he enjoyed his first Run for National Unity. — Pictures by Ham Abu Bakar

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 20 — The success of Run for National Unity 2018 can be credited to the support of its participants who ran in the spirit of a united Malaysia. From families to friends and fellow workers, many cheered from the sidelines as their running heroes reached the finishing line. Regardless of creed, ability or walk of life, Malaysians expressed a sense of accomplishment by participating in the event together. Here are some testimonies:

1.         Zarif Mohd Bahrin, Fitworx personal trainer

The 23-year-old bodybuilder felt confident when he led the crowd through a simple workout routine prior to the flag-off. “It is my first time participating in the unity run and I am enjoying the moment,” he said, adding that interacting with the crowd was a pleasant experience. When asked if he is willing to demonstrate more workouts in the future, Zarif replied, “Absolutely!”

2.         Jeffrey Tseng, freelancer

A newcomer to the unity run, Tseng is happy being a supporting actor to his fellow friends than taking the lead on the track. “Had it not been for my friends, I don’t think I would have joined and benefited from this run,” he said. Describing the run as an exciting experience, the 28-year-old added that he hits the tarmac in the Botanic Gardens Kuala Lumpur in his spare time.

Krisnaveni participated in the Run for National Unity with her family.

3.         Krishnaveni, housewife

As the starting pistol fired and the blowhorns roared, Krisnaveni saw her husband and two daughters disappear into the distance, yet she retained her sense of enthusiasm with a quiet smile. “My husband has great enthusiasm for outdoor activities. We have participated in various marathons, hikes and jungle trekking,” she said, adding that her husband is the general manager of Rexcoco, a sponsor of Run for National Unity 2018. When asked about one of her daughter’s interest in running, Krishnaveni replied, “I am not sure if she wants to be an athlete, but she is quite active in long-distance running.”

The runners were eventually welcomed back after an arduous trek to the finish line with refreshments and various stage performances. From magic tricks to cultural dancing, the unity run officially ended with smiles aplenty.

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