University of Hong Kong student leader flees city after bus stop attack left him fearing for his life

Kanis Leung

A student leader at the University of Hong Kong who feared for his life has abruptly resigned from his post and fled the city after he said he was attacked by a man with rattan canes.

In his resignation letter on Thursday, Davin Kenneth Wong, the acting president of the university’s student union, said he was assaulted while waiting for a bus next to Southorn Playground in Wan Chai on August 30.

Wong said the man, who was about 1.75 metres tall, and wore a white T-shirt and cap, with a black face mask, hit him on his neck and his left shoulder.

While Wong tried to protect himself with his right hand, the man fled, but left him a scar on his right wrist.

Max Chung, organiser of a protest in Yuen Long in march, said he was attacked the day before Davin Kenneth Wong. Photo: Edmond So

Wong said he believed the attack was premeditated, and he said two other activists, including the Civil Human Rights Front convenor Jimmy Sham Tsz-kit, were also attacked within 24 hours of his assault.

The student leader said he had no choice but to leave Hong Kong when he and his family’s lives were in danger, and that it was a “one-way trip”.

“I will never forgive myself for leaving Hong Kong at such a critical time, and it kills me to read the news and watch the live footage overseas,” he said in the letter.

“Even though it would be my lifelong shame, I was doomed to leave.”

He apologised for not being able to lead the union and fellow students in the movement.

The safety of local activists has become a growing concern in a city gripped by 14 weeks of protests, initially sparked by the extradition bill. The bill, which was formally withdrawn last week, would have allowed criminal suspects to be sent to mainland China.

Sham and his assistant were attacked by two masked men with baseball bats in Jordan on August 29.

Max Chung Kin-ping, organiser of a Yuen Long protest in July also said he was attacked on the same day by four men near Tai Po Police Station. He suffered injuries to his back and arms.

Both Sham and Chung believed they were attacked because of their involvement in the protests.

Earlier last month, another protest organiser, Leung Kam-shing, was attacked by a gang armed with wooden sticks in Sha Tin, who warned him to stop “stirring up trouble”.

The Post has contacted Wong for comment.

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