'Unlike migrants at the border, we are inseparable': Fake wedding registry website mocks alleged white nationalist Stephen Miller's wedding

Alex Woodward
Stephen Miller and Katie Waldman at the White House for a state dinner with Australian prime minister Scott Morrison in September 2019: AP

In elegant white script against a dramatic black background, a wedding registry website celebrates the nuptials of Stephen Miller and Katie Waldman by directing visitors to charities that support asylum seekers and immigrants, "organisations that help the most vulnerable among us, people whose rights are receding faster than Stephen's hairline".

Mr Miller, the chief architect of Donald Trump's anti-immigration policies that have separated children from their families and placed them in detention centres after crossing the US-Mexico border, "has made it his life's mission to strip all compassion and understanding from US immigration policy", the website says.

The mock registry was created by Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, a late-night news and satire programme on TBS. An accompanying photo gallery places images of the couple between shots of children behind fencing in detention centres.

Mr Miller married Vice President Mike Pence's press secretary at the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC on Sunday. The website gave the event a hashtag: #MatchMadeInHate.

"As a thank you, we at Full Frontal want to get him a wedding present that we know he'll hate", the site says.

Full Frontal imagines the couple bonding over a "shared passion of our right to absolute superiority based on nothing but the colour of our skin" and Mr Miller's card signed "with an acronym that I believe stood for 'Katie, Katie, Katie.'"

"Since that day, unlike migrant families at the border, we became inseparable."

Mr Miller has wielded significant influence at Trump's White House, from instructions to issue executive orders barring immigrants from majority-Muslim countries into the US to terminating a programme that protected young immigrants from deportation after they were brought into the country as children.

A trove of emails obtained by the Southern Poverty Law Center revealed his coordination with right-wing websites to publish white nationalist views espousing eugenics and far-right, anti-immigrant ideologies while serving as press secretary for Jeff Sessions.

In emails, he suggested ending birthright citizenship and shaped the coverage and instructed writers and editors what to write on Breitbart, including the promotion of white nationalist literature.

Dozens of lawmakers have demanded Mr Miller resign from his position. Earlier this week, Senator Kamala Harris and Congressman Joaquin Castro sponsored a resolution with seven other Democrats condemning Mr Miller and demanding his resignation.

After the release of the emails in November, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez circulated a petition calling for his termination, among several calls from prominent politicians to remove him from his post. In December, 27 Democrats signed a letter calling for his "immediate removal" from the White House.

The publication of the emails was written off by White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham as the work of a "far-left smear organisation".

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