Unpatriotic attitude of some almost cost Malaysia investment from Saudi - PM


PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia almost lost a huge investment from Saudi Aramco due to the unpatriotic attitude of certain quarters who channelled incorrect information on this country to the Saudi Arabian oil company, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Najib who is also Finance Minister, said Saudi Aramco was initially reluctant to invest in Malaysia after being fed with information that Malaysia had purportedly been placed in the politically risky category.

He said Saudi Aramco was also given information that Malaysia was not a stable country, its Employees Provident Fund was almost bankrupt and that the government was unable to pay the salary of its public servants.

“This is because there are people who are heartless, their motive is political but the victims are the Malaysian people,” Najib said when launching the Negaraku Expresssion event at Dataran Putrajaya, here, today.

He said only when given valid information that Malaysia was a successful country and ranked A, Saudi Aramco’s trust in Malaysia returned and Malaysia received an investment of RM31 billion from the oil company. --BERNAMA