Unregistered beauty products worth RM500k seized in T'ganu this year

Zarina Abdullah

KUALA TERENGGANU: The State Health Department's Pharmacy Enforcement division has seized RM500,000 worth of unregistered beauty products and ‘medicines’ in Terengganu so far this year.

Its director, Dr Mohammad Omar, said the various medicines and cosmetics were confiscated during 20 raids conducted at several business premises and houses throughout the state.

He said the seized medicines and cosmetics were deemed illegal under the Health Ministry's ruling.

"Those with (illegal medicines and cosmetics) could face a fine of up to RM25,000, or imprisonment of not more than three years, or both, upon conviction," he said today.

"Some of the injectable cosmetic items seized contain controlled drugs, such as Tranexamic acid, which could lead to death or kidney damage if (administered without expert supervision)," he added.

Among the business premises raided were three cosmetic centres in Dungun and Kuala Terengganu which sold injectable beauty products worth RM56,000.

Dr Mohammad said the department is coming down hard on businesses specialising in selling unregistered medicines and beauty products – many of them selling the items online, via Facebook and Instagram.

"In Dungun, a doctor's husband was busted for offering Vitamin C beauty injections for online customers for between RM160 and RM400," he said.

Checks showed that the suspect also offered Aqua sin Veniscy, Cindella and Luthione injections.

"We believe he was running the business despite not possessing a licence to perform any of the procedures," Dr Mohammad said, adding that more than RM13,000 worth of Vitamin C products were seized from his premises.

"Another centre in Dungun, which offered the same procedures, was raided and our men seized beauty products worth RM22,000. And in Kuala Terengganu, the raiding party seize 21 beauty products worth RM21,000," he added.

Those who do not comply with Private Service and Utility of Health procedures could face a fine of up to RM300,000, or a jail term of not more than six years, or both.

Dr Mohamad reminded beauty treatment patients and beauty product consumers to ensure that what they sign up for or buy are registered with the Health Ministry.