To make its upcoming Surface laptops more sustainable, Microsoft is emphasizing the service angle

Microsoft displays the Surface Pro X in Paris on October 17, 2019, one of the brand's upcoming serviceable laptops

In early October, Microsoft announced that the entire lineup of new Surface laptops would be serviceable; this week the company's Panos Panay further explained to an audience in Paris that this is a nod towards the brand's commitment towards sustainability.

On Thursday at a Surface event held in Paris, France, Microsoft's chief product officer Panos Panay provided more details about the company's commitment to product serviceability and how such a characteristic improves the firm's sustainability.

All members of the recently announced Surface laptop lineup -- the Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X -- are serviceable so that products can be repaired (and possibly upgraded) without having to ship them overseas. This reduces transportation emissions, conserves resources, and saves both customers and employees time. According to Panay, the company has plans to make all their products serviceable eventually; exactly how long that will take, however, was not disclosed.

Furthermore, making these new Surface laptops locally repairable will save users a chunk of cash. A tech-savvy owner could potentially replace broken parts themselves and completely eliminate the costly middleman.

Panay described that complaints surrounding product repair difficulties have been some of the most common criticisms provided by their customers. Serviceability aims to both address this frustration while making Microsoft into a greener company.