Urine, pads, food allegedly thrown out of window by Singapore ‘idiot’ in Toa Payoh (Video)

A Toa Payoh resident has had enough of a nasty neighbor’s habit of throwing literal waste out the window every morning.

Valiant Khong resorted to Facebook group Complaint Singapore this morning with video evidence of the resident pouring a cup of yellowish liquid he believed was urine out of a window from the third story of a Toa Payoh block.

Khong said the culprit he referred to as an “idiot” does this every morning between 5am to 6am and also litters cigarette butts, pads, tissue papers and food, among others.

Several complaints to the National Environment Agency, or NEA, went unheard for months, Khong said, adding that the authorities only gave warnings and refused to install surveillance cameras.

“I urged our Authorities to do something. We all have little children around the vicinity. It’s so unhygiene and unhealthy nowadays. Singapore, my homeland, our 1st world country in the world, should stop all these culprits from committing the same offences,” he wrote.

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