US agencies need to join efforts against Russia: general

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    DEMONISATION of Russia by yankee international terrorists cohort signal the crumbling of the an inevitable implosion.. Its a classical trend for declining civilisations to target other nations as scape goat for their rotting process. They desperately lash out with weakening prowess like a dying sick old man does in his last hours. All peace loving nations.must be vigilent against yankee.cohort desperation to cling onto their fading might. All peaceful developing nations must avoid the Yankee imploding civilisations like what surrounding nations did during the collapse of the various civilisations like the Roman, Rayanama, Ottoman Turk, Kublai Khan. In order to avoid being.sucked.into the Yankee.cohort imploding black hole of their Dark Ages. Developing nations must quit immediately.all YANKEE cohort created & controlled international gimmicks like the United Nations & its agencies like IMF, WHO, WTO, UNESCO, ICC, IAA, Etc. Yankee cohort. will use these agencies to tighten their grip & strangle hold on all other nations as the Yankee cohort sink.deeper & faster into their imploding black hole. All peace loving nations musr.create their own international agencies to cooperate & intergrate their economic, military , social & cultural activities to insulate themselves from the Yankee cohort rotting regime. All peaceful nations must not.get exploited by Yankee cohort demonisation of Russia, Iran, DPRK, CHINA, Pakistan, Myanmar, etc in order to protect ISRAEL, EUROPE & Australia grip onto their stolen the Pacific, Arab world, Eastern Europe & Africa. All yankee international terrorist regime.cohort activities against any nation they demonised are targetted to enhance.ISREAL, EUROPE & Australia survival in their land banditry since 1492 Columbus invasion of the AMERICAS Africa, Asia & Arab world.