US auto strike could hit more plants, Canada too

STORY: The U.S. auto strikes could spread to more plants - and maybe Canada too.

Union of Auto Workers President Shawn Fain says the stoppages will be stepped up if there’s no progress in talks with Ford, General Motors and Stellantis.

The union will announce its decision on Friday (September 22).

Walkouts began last week after the failure of talks over pay and conditions.

They targeted one plant from each of the “Detroit Three”.

The UAW is seeking major pay hikes to make up for inflation, and says current offers of up to 20% aren’t good enough.

One worker said a proposal to phase in pay rises over years was also unacceptable:

“We hope to achieve raises, double digit raises, not in a four year, you know, we don't want to wait four years to get it. We need it now. ”

Talks over a deal have continued, but with little sign of progress.

Over the weekend, Fain said the ball was in the firms’ court.

If the stoppages do spread, analysts bet they will target factories that make profitable vehicles including pickup trucks.

Ford could also face a strike at its smaller Canadian operations.

Talks there continued past a midnight deadline.

The company has two engine factories in the country, and an assembly plant in Ontario.

Any strike in Canada could hit the supply of motors for vehicles including Ford’s big-selling F-series pickups.