Florence death toll jumps to 31 as flooding wreaks havoc

Sébastien DUVAL
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    I bet! $20, Not 1 Country will give money to the USA to help out on this disaster that’s going to occur.
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    Let’s see! How many countries gives the USA money for this disaster, that’s going to happen?
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    Donald Trump will brush this storm "Florence" aside, telling his aide the residents in the Carolina should not blame him. The weather has absolutely nothing to do with his policies and actions.
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    The South is very well adept to Tropical Storms,,, No headline here,,,
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    Gabby T
    I was right. In Fox news there is a viral video of a reporter being blown away while 2 people stroll casually in the background.
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    Eddie Alfieri dan are all Stupid
    @Eddie, dogie. you're an american foreigner isn't it? how is your 1st world country doin? i hope they are in good condition there. how is your grandmamas basement? if flooding is a problem, you can go to your grandpapas attic, ok? you can continue your 4th world country trolling and bashing in there. "keyboard warrior trolls unite!" that is our motto. ok?
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    Not much news on the even bigger one that is about to hit the Philippines.
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    thoughts and prayers

    so y'all still not believing in climate change ?

    bet y'all wishing to still have aca, huh?

    thoughts and prayers
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    Even with deaths and destruction, there are still people on these boards
    chastising the weather service for initially labeling this storm as a category four.
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    this looks like The Perfect Storm from Hollywood.