US deploys over 8,000 National Guard troops to aid Hurricane Ida victims

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Representative image

Washington [US], September 2 (ANI/Sputnik): Thousands of US National Guard troops continue to aid first responders by rescuing trapped victims, clearing roads and distributing food and water in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, the Defense Department said Wednesday.

"More than 5,400 Guardsmen from 11 states were in Louisiana Wednesday, assisting first responders with 36 aircraft, 74 boats, 198 high-water vehicles, generators and engineers. By Thursday, the force will swell to more than 8,000 Guard members," National Guard Bureau Gen. Daniel Hokanson said in a press release.

National Guard members conducted search and rescue sweeps across 31 Louisiana parishes, rescuing more than 393 people and 60 pets by Wednesday and clearing 403 miles of routes clogged with debris, the release said.

Guardsmen also opened 17 locations to distribute food and water to people in need in nine parishes, with plans to operate 40. Another 400 Guard members were assisting law enforcement with security in New Orleans and six parishes, the release added.

Hurricane Ida came ashore in south Louisiana on Sunday as a Category 4 storm, with sustained winds of 150 mph and heavy rainfall, causing catastrophic flooding and wind damage. Hundreds of thousands of people in Louisiana remained without power Wednesday. (ANI/Sputnik)

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