Trump news – live: Rudy Giuliani caught up in anti-MAGA protests, as president warns of 'crooked dishonest' election

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Trump speaks to a crowd in New Hampshire (YouTube)
Trump speaks to a crowd in New Hampshire (YouTube)

Donald Trump has made an unscheduled campaign stop in Maine, flying in from neighbouring New Hampshire to greet his supporters at an apple orchard.

Maine is a surprising stop for the president, as his rival Joe Biden is leading in the state by a 14 point margin, suggesting the president has little hope of swinging it.

He does love a crowd, though, and earlier on Sunday arrived to a cheering mass of “thousands” in New Hampshire.

Speaking about the impending election, which is just nine days away, Mr Trump said it was “time to end the fight” with Mr Biden and that “our country will never be a socialist one”.

Meanwhile, the president said the US is “rounding the turn” with Covid-19, before adding: “It’s going to be over.”

The president said that “even without a vaccine”, the country was managing to contain and stem the virus.

The claims come after it was reported yesterday that the US had recorded more than 83,000 coronavirus cases two days in a row.

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