US finds North Korea killed Kim brother with VX agent

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    i can't understand why USA are invole in the crime case..the crime are not done in US soil
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    Where does North Korea get all these weapons? China or Russia or both?
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    Well done United States, defender of human rights across the world.
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    US is quick to do finger pointing as US killed Kim brother with VX agent. remember when you point with one finger, 3 are pointing back.
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    The case is not that simple. Remember Kim Jong Nam met a US agent in KL the day before he died. Who is this US fellow? No body knows and nobody tell us. Certainly not a Hollywood actor. The facts remained that he is in contact with an American agent and therefore highly suspicious.
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    What jurisdiction does the US claim? Victim was Korean, murder scene is Malaysia and murderers are non US citizens.
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    News just in: North Korea just reported that the US used Agent Orange on Vietnamese killing, maiming and causing deformed births in thousands of human beings. Yes, human beings, because I know that is a strange word for people who do not belong to the White race. What next?
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    Singapore Patriot
    Fred, USA objective is to sow hatred and create unrest.
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    Chee Khiaw Cheng
    White devils do not find it strange that 2 amateur women who allegedly did it could handle VX with their bare hands and survive...