US sees 'unanimity' with Russia, China on Afghanistan

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US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman speaks on the crisis in Afghanistan to reporters at the State Department

The United States said Wednesday it shared the same goals on Afghanistan as frequent adversaries China and Russia, which have quickly moved to work with the triumphant Taliban.

Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman pointed to a statement issued Monday by the UN Security Council, where China and Russia wield veto power, that called for an inclusive new government.

The statement "speaks to the fact that we are all in the same place, which is calling on the Taliban to ensure justice and equal rights and inclusion, for there to be no violence, for people to be able to leave when they can," Sherman told reporters.

"So I think right now there's very strong unanimity," said Sherman, who last month became the most high-ranking member of President Joe Biden's administration to travel to China.

Both Russia and China stepped up contacts with the Taliban after the United States decided to withdraw from Afghanistan, ending a 20-year military involvement and setting off the swift crumbling of the government in Kabul.

Despite commentary gloating of US disaster in Afghanistan, both China and Russia are seen as eager to avoid instability and safe havens for Islamist extremists who could carry out attacks.


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