US Woman, Clinically Dead for 45 Minutes, Revived Before Her Daughter Gave Birth

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In a miraculous incident, a woman, who was clinically dead for 45 minutes after having a heart attack, was resurrected shortly before her daughter give birth. Kathy Patten was playing golf when she got a call from her daughter Stacey that she was in labour. Patten rushed to the hospital with her daughter but unfortunately suffered a heart attack when she arrived.

Doctors at Greater Baltimore Medical Center made desperate attempts on July 22 to bring Patten back to life after she had no pulse or oxygen to the brain for 45 minutes that indicated she was clinically dead. Meanwhile, Stacey was having an emergency C-section.

Patten was finally revived after almost an hour of CPR. According to her, it was a miracle that the team of doctors was able to revive her. She told Mirror, “I’m grateful to God for giving me another opportunity. I’ll simply be the greatest person I can be. Coming back is a second shot at life, and it’s terrifying.”

Shortly after Patten was revived, Stacey gave birth to baby Alora. According to Stacey, it was fate that her mother was supposed to be there. She told WJZ-TV, “It was just fate that my Mom was supposed to be here. It was ultimately because of Alora that my Mom is here and happened to be at the right place at the right time. She truly is a walking miracle.”

Incidents of revivals have recently happened around the world, including in India. Panic struck travellers on Maharashtra’s Pune to Kolhapur Express last month after a two-year-old suddenly collapsed. Parents, relatives and others sitting on the train were unable to figure out how to save the boy as his eyes were turning white and heartbeat ran slow.

On learning of the incident, train ticket supervisor Rajendra Katkar rushed to the bogie to examine the situation. Katkar on seeing the boy’s deteriorating condition performed CPR and gave mouth-to-mouth-resuscitation for at least 15 to 20 minutes to the boy. “The train ticket supervisor continuously gave CPR and mouth-to-mouth breathing till the boy regained his consciousness,” said one of the passengers who witnessed the incident.

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