Uthra Murder Case: Live Snake Bites Woman's Dummy in Police's Crime Scene Reconstruction Video

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Kollam, August 27: More than a year after Uthra, a 26-year-old woman from Kollam, died under mysterious circumstances, the Kerala police released a video showing cops reconstructing the scene with the help of a live snake and a dummy of a woman. Uthra was found dead in May last year. The case drew a lot of media attention after it had emerged that Uthra's husband Sooraj gave her sleeping pills before placing near her an Indian cobra that bit her. Kerala Shocker: 19-Year-Old Woman Allegedly Harassed by In-Laws For Dowry Found Dead at Home in Alapuzzha; Case Registered.

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A police team investigating Uthra's death reconstructed the crime scene using a live snake and a dummy. While the cops conducted the reconstruction of the crime scene last year, the video of it were released on Thursday. The video shows a live snake biting the dummy of a woman lying on bed. The cops also measured the snake's movable jaw using a scale. Kerala: Woman Allegedly Tortured by Husband, In-Laws Over Dowry in Kochi.

The reconstruction of the crime scene took place at the Forest Department's Training Institute at Arippa, Kollam. It was done to collect scientific evidence to prove that the snake bite was a result of a deliberate attempt and was not natural. Earlier this month, the prosecution had submitted the video as evidence to the court. The verdict in the case is awaited.

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Live Snake, Woman's Dummy Used for Reconstruction of Crime Scene:

Uthra was found dead at her parents' house in Anchal, Kollam on May 7, 2020. There was a mark on snake bite on her body. Later, the police found that her husband Sooraj had bought a cobra from a snake catcher. He had allegedly given sleeping pills to Uthra before planting the cobra on her bed. The investigation had also revealed that it was Sooraj's second attempt to get rid of Uthra.

The woman had been bitten by a snake in March last year too. The cops found that in March too the snake was taken on rent. While Sooraj is facing charges under various sections of the Indian Penal Code for murder, attempt to murder, and destruction of evidence, his parents and sister are accused of domestic violence.

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