Valentine's Day Treat: Watch Cara Delevingne In Bed With LOVE Magazine

It's Valentine's Day so we're already stuffing our faces with chocolates and slicking on the red lipstick - but there's one thing missing... Oh, what is it? A video of Cara Delevingne cavorting on a bed, of course! Thanks to LOVE Magazine, we have exactly that. Yes, editor-in-chief Katie Grand has just dropped a fab little video called 'In Bed With Cara; A Valentine's Day Treat' - and what a treat it is.

Directed by Aitken Jolly and styled by Sally Lyndley, the mega model with the mega brows is on sparkling form wearing a marabou-trimmed, tiered laser cut dress created by Giles Deacon and covered in Swarovski Elements with a trailing chiffon train. Fancy! In her true cheeky style, Cara minxes about to 'Whatta Man' by Salt N Pepa, wraps her limbs around a box of chocs, swishes her hair about, cavorts beneath a shower of metallic heart-shaped confetti and Swarovski crystals, and chomps on Love Hearts, all on huuuuge king bed in The Penthouse of Mondrian SoHo Hotel in New York. Poor Harry Styles must be weeping into his Haribo.

'Girl of the moment, girl of the month, it's Cara Delevingne enjoying Valentine's Day in bed with Swarovski crystals,' Katie Grand says: 'Hot stuff.' Witness the fitness in the video below...

In bed with Cara - A Valentine's Day Treat from LOVE on Vimeo.

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