Vapes left abandoned before boarding party cruise from Singapore (Video)

Quick! Empty your pockets and leave ALL traces.

A TikTokker captured several vapes left abandoned on the floor right before boarding party cruise It’s The Ship last week.

“Don’t bring vape on [the] cruise,” Chantal Windley wrote.

At least three illegal electronic vaporizers were scattered on the floor in an empty queue leading up to the boat’s security checks, apparently left behind because their owners feared what would happen if they were caught with them.

Several comments said that they could have actually brought the vapes on board, with one claiming that the cruise actually sells them onboard.

Other cocky commenters scoffed at those who left their vapes and said they got away with bringing “more” than just the electronic vaporizers onto the ship.

One had the bright idea of just collecting them all and using them herself.

“[T]he way i would’ve picked those all up and just gone home,” 11_natalie_28 wrote.

Apparently, there were a substantial amount of people vaping on board the party ship, those who attended the event told Coconuts. From our understanding, taking vapes onto cruises is common although some smuggled them aboard in their crotches. Eek.

Vapes are illegal in Singapore. Those caught purchasing, using or owning one can face fines of up to S$2,000.

Local health authorities have also ramped up efforts to dissuade Singapore from vaping, most recently seen in a peculiar ad.

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