Venus Williams on ‘natural’ designs

Venus Williams

Venus Williams says designing athletic wear felt "natural".

The tennis star has expanded her sporty clothing line EleVen by Venus, for Fall/Winter 13.

Venus has included on-trend florals in her new workout wear collection, and shared what inspired the pattern.

"The trends that have been happening recently - florals and dark browns - and trying to translate that to sport. At EleVen, we do florals frequently, so we wanted to do fall colours that were still bright and cheery to encourage people to get out there and continue working out," Venus told US Elle magazine.

"Athletic wear is kind of synonymous with leisure wear, too - everyone is throwing on their warm-up suit or leggings to go to the store. That’s the realm that I’m in and what I’ve always wanted to do - I wonder why! It’s natural for me."

Venus is equally passionate about designing as she is about winning tennis championships. The US star shared her game day beauty routine.

"Sunscreen is so important for staying youthful," she continued. "I love the brand BullFrog, because it doesn’t come off. I’m always wiping my face, but especially for arms and legs, it stays on best. I live in Florida, too, so I’m always looking [for the best sunscreen] because I’m sweating constantly. I also love Mission Athletecare sunscreen. When I’m practicing, I do not do mascara, but when I’m playing, I wear eyeliner! [Laughs] It all started with our physical therapist - she always wears eyeliner. I felt like I couldn’t wear eyeliner, ever, but one day I woke up, and I saw that Serena was wearing eyeliner! I was feeling left out, so I just joined the eyeliner club. The only reason I don’t wear it in the mornings is because I don’t get up in time to put it on."

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