The verdict on F1's definitive 2019 regulations (Giorgio Piola)
F1 rules 2018-2019 comparsion

The FIA recently finalised the new aerodynamic regulations for the 2019 Formula 1 season, featuring redefined simplified front and rear wings. Giorgio Piola and the Autosport team assess the changes.

With the new regulations aiming to improve the on-track action by reducing the front wing sensitivity in turbulent air, the hope is that the new ruleset will minimise the difficulty of following another car closely - which ought to yield closer racing.

In addition, the increasingly-complex brake ducts and bargeboards have been pared back, leaving the teams with aerodynamic performance to recoup over the winter.

With the help of a brand new video produced by Giorgio Piola, Glenn Freeman is joined by Ben Anderson and Jake Boxall-Legge to dissect the new rules, and to analyse whether the changes will have the effect desired by the FIA.

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