Vertex Ventures Director to speak in Echelon Thailand 2017, to discuss Series A funding in Venturecon

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Carmen Yuen

Carmen Yuen of Vertex Ventures to discuss theses and strategies for Series A funding in Echelon Thailand 2017. Read on to find out more.


For startups that have graduated from seed funding, being able to raise Series A funding is both validation that they have potential and resource to aid in optimising the user base and the product. For investors, this is a crucial stage as this is when startups begin to develop its products, builds its brand and executes initial marketing, as well as figure out monetising the product, identifying, and developing revenue channels.

Join Carmen Yuen, Senior Executive Director of Vertex Ventures, as she joins a panel to discuss Series A seed funding at Echelon Thailand 2017. Hear from one of the region’s top investor as she shares ideas and strategies for handling Series A funds and making profitable decisions, and get insights that you can use to help you source for partners to grow your investments.

This discussion on Series A funding will take place at the Venturecon track, available exclusively for delegates with Investor passes.

Echelon Thailand 2017 is a tech conference (May 15-16, Bangkok) and year-long digital platform attracting international speakers, founders, investors and professionals.

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About Carmen

Carmen Yuen joined Vertex Ventures Singapore office in 2014, focussing in Singapore and Southeast Asia. She has served many years in Singapore’s government-backed venture capital initiatives including EDB Investments and Spring SEEDS Capital where she worked closely with many startup companies in Singapore. Prior to joining Vertex, she was with Majuven, a Singapore angel fund. She also currently serves on the Board of TickledMedia (dba Carmen received her BBA from Simon Fraser University.


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