Victoria Beckham out-Birkins Jane she gets customising!

Victoria Beckham out-Birkins Jane she gets customising!

Victoria Beckham with her Birkin and Jane Birkin with her customised versions - image courtesy of

We have all had that sinking feeling, when we’ve loved something we’ve just bought and the next day you spot a colleague or friend wearing the same coveted blouse or heel. But imagine what it’s like when the item in question was created especially for you by the former chief executive of Hermes, Jean-Louis Dumas? Yeah we’d be all sorts of peeved if we saw everyone in our namesake bag!

The Hermes Birkin was named after the glorious British born – French resident actress and singer Jane Birkin in 1984. While sitting next to Mr. Dumas on a flight, she told him of her struggle to find the perfect weekend bag, as the contents of her straw bag had just spilled onto the airplane floor. Oh we’ve all been there Jane. Copies of Grazia and duty free perfumes sliding away from us to the next row. Pity we’ve never sat next to an Hermes boss!

Since then the Birkin bag has been a worldwide phenomenon. Victoria Beckham reportedly has a collection worth over $2 million. VB’s hundred plus-strong collection has to be the most papped bag in history, and size-wise in stark contrast to Jane’s own humble collection. Jane Birkin is now only on her fourth ever model, having auctioned off the previous three for charity. Now on her forth leather version in black, Jane has taken to customising hers to make it unique, since they have become so hugely popular!

Jane has decorated hers with stickers and worry beads which she has collected from Greece, Israel and Palestine. And we think it looks great! Mind you, when it comes to the beautiful Birkin, we’d say yes to any of the models!

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