Victrix Gambit wireless PS5 gaming headset review - a mid-range choice that puts comfort first

 Victrix Gambit and Dualsense Controller
Victrix Gambit and Dualsense Controller

If you’re looking to enjoy your PS5 games in comfort and style, then we highly recommend the Victrix Gambit wireless PS5 gaming headset. This headset, specifically designed for the PS5, is a mid-range headset to consider if you’re looking to maximize bang for buck value, while also looking for a quality, officially licensed product.

While overall build quality falls short of some of the best PS5 headsets, the Victrix Gambit wireless headset is exceedingly comfortable and offers high-res audio at good value. The 50mm speaker drivers provide audio that’s a cut above cheaper models. That said, the relatively weak microphone quality will disappoint those who regularly play online with friends.

Impressively multipurpose, the Gambit supports both wired and wireless connectivity. It also includes a 3.5mm cable with in-line controls, allowing you to plug the Gambit directly into your Dualsense Wireless Controller for ease of use. Alternatively, the Gambit also features a USB dongle, providing a seamless wireless experience compatible with the PS5, PS4, and gaming PCs.

Price and availability

The Victrix Gambit wireless gaming headset is available for $129.99 / £110.99 / (around AU$185). Those in the US can pick up the headset from the official Victrix website. Alternatively, buyers in the UK can also purchase the Gambit from Game.

Design and features

Victrix Gambit headband side
Victrix Gambit headband side

The Victrix Gambit wireless gaming headset is a stylish choice. Coming in a sharp yet understated black colorway with purple accents, the sleek design feels modern yet grounded. That said, the Gambit does not come in any other colors, so if you dislike purples and blacks, you’re out of luck.

The Gambit is extremely comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time with no irritation to the ears or crown of the head. The lightweight design doesn’t feel like the sturdiest out there, but the headset makes up for this by feeling unobtrusive on the head. Having worn the headset for upwards of 10 hours over the course of a single day, I’d say it’s one of the most comfortable gaming headsets I’ve ever used.

Though the headband is sturdy, the speaker cups feel flimsier than desired, giving just a little too much when held. This is a consequence of the headset’s lightweight build that places comfort over durability. It’s not a dealbreaker, but the Gambit is definitely best handled with care.

Specifically built for PS5 (though PC users can make use of it, too), the Gambit is entirely compatible with PS5 3D Audio, allowing you to get the most out of the console’s support for high-quality surround sound. For most of the [best PS5 games], then, it makes for an immersive sound experience. The 3.5mm cable that comes with the Gambit allows for a range of multiplatform compatibility, too.

The Gambit features an adjustable volume knob on the right-hand side as well as a flexible mic arm. Unfortunately, beyond this, on-board controls are sparse. The lack of both a mic monitoring slider and an EQ toggle is disappointing - as setups go, it's more basic than you might expect at this price point.


Victrix Gambit headset headphone side
Victrix Gambit headset headphone side

From an audio standpoint, the Victrix Gambit wireless headset offers impressive performance. The 50mm audio drivers put in a lot of work, delivering a clear and crisp sound, underscored by just the right amount of bass. Playing on PC, Starfield’s rocket engines and weapon discharges sound percussive and satisfying. Away from games, the Gambit is also a great choice for music, allowing listeners to enjoy the full sound profiles of orchestral soundscapes and vocal tracks alike.

Though the Gambit’s microphone makes use of noise-canceling technology, the overall fidelity is middling, and unlikely to impress those looking for high levels of clarity. While adequate for voice chat with friends (and enemies), the mic is likely to leave streamers and content creators wanting more.

The Gambit is a great fit for playing some of the [best single-player games] but also for enjoying some of the [best co-op games] with friends. The headset accommodates both the intimate soundscapes of single-player experiences and the frantic back-and-forth of multiplayer chat rooms with impressive competence.

The Victrix Gambit’s battery life clocks in at roughly 16 hours - putting it slightly below average especially for a mid-range headset, though it does outclass the PS5 Pulse 3D wireless headset’s meager 12 hours of battery life. That 16 hours is substantial enough to support long gaming sessions, but I recommend putting the headset on charge overnight to ensure you aren’t caught short.

Should you buy the Victrix Gambit wireless PS5 headset?

Victrix Gambit overhead view
Victrix Gambit overhead view

Buy it if...

Don't buy it if...

How I tested the Victrix Gambit wireless PS5 headset

I’ve been using the Victrix Gambit wireless headset constantly throughout the past week, both to listen to music and play games on both PC and PS5. In total, I’ve played over 20 hours with the headset on, including Baldur’s Gate 3, Final Fantasy 16, and Starfield. I’ve also used the headset to listen to roughly 15 hours of music.

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