Video- Face in the clouds caught during storm

A mysterious cloud formation resembling a human head was caught on tape during a storm in Canada this week.

Cameraman Denis Farmer caught the spooky film from his back yard in Grand Falls, New Brunswick as a storm brewed over the east Canadian town. The clouds seem to form a human profile before disappearing into the haze.

“It is just luck that causes clouds to look like recognisable shapes - and this is a particularly striking example of a cloud looking like a face," National Centre for Atmospheric Science spokeswoman Dr Perry told Yahoo! News. “This cloud is a cumulonimbus, a storm cloud…these clouds create intense up and down drafts; that is, up and down movements of the air within the cloud," she added.

“These up and down motions cause the air within the cloud to move rapidly, we see this as the visible edges of the clouds swirling, moving and change shape - causing in this case a cloud that resembles a face”.

Since being uploaded to Youtube on Monday the clip has received over 330,000 hits, many debating on whether the form has a deeper meaning or is a complete coincidence.