Video: 5 star Chinese New Year dish in 5 minutes

A lot of Chinese cooking is fast cooking, which means you can whip up a delicious dish in a flash armed with simple ingredients and a wok.  Take this 5-star dish, which only took five minutes to cook minus preparation time.  

Video by Mario Ardi


Wok-fried scallops with chili, baby kai-lan and shimeji mushrooms

-       fresh scallops (8)
-       kai-lan  (200 grams)
-       shimeji mushroom (100 grams)
-       ginger (1 piece, sliced)
-       carrot (6, julienned)
-       small chili (2 pieces, sliced in half and not chopped)
-       salt
-       pepper
-       chicken stock powder (half a tea spoon)
-       rice wine
-       potato flour (half a tea spoon)
-       cooking oil

Cooking method:
Boil the scallops medium well, put aside. Blanch the baby kai-lan and then empty the wok. Pour oil in the wok, then fry the scallops until they are cooked, set aside. Using the same batch of oil, fry the shimeji mushrooms until they turn golden. Set aside mushrooms and drain. Blanch the shimeji mushrooms, put aside. Pour oil in the wok again; add the ginger, carrots and chili. Turn the heat up; add the scallops, shimeji mushrooms and baby kailan. Add salt, pepper, chicken powder, potato flour and Chinese wine mixed all together and then stir until they’re cooked.

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