Video of exercise bikes in McDonald’s in China goes viral

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A viral TikTok shows a woman eating a burger on an exercise bike like seat (Screengrab/Video)
A viral TikTok shows a woman eating a burger on an exercise bike like seat (Screengrab/Video)

A McDonald’s outlet in China has created quite a buzz on the Internet for installing cycles in the place of seats for its health conscious customers.

In a widely circulated TikTok video, customers were seen sitting on a table shaped like an exercise bike as they ate a burger or took a sip of their soft drink, all while trying to burn off some of the calories they were consuming.

It’s not clear where the diner is located in China but the video was shared multiple times on the platform over the weekend with millions of views and one seen over 33 million times.

It also provoked amused responses from people taken aback by this innovation.


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However, some users were not convinced about the effectiveness of the machine. One wrote: “still more calories consumed than burned.”

"This is like using your phone while charging," wrote another.

“I’ve been trying to get my AA group to serve beer at our meetings, this seems similar!” user Mike Burns wrote.

One coined the term “McFit”.

“Only order water and workout for an hour,” another user commented.

Some users also pointed to how exercising while eating can be bad for the digestive system.

McDonald’s hasn’t officially acknowledged the issue and it seems that these exercise bikes are unique to only one outlet, but the company has been aiming at redefining its image of a junk food joint for some time now.

It has made changes to its menus in several countries, offering healthier options.

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