Video game releases: 'Madden NFL 20', 'A Short Hike', 'Forager' on consoles, more

The latest version of "Madden NFL" adds pre-fame career mode Face of the Franchise, "A Short Hike" sets off for a lighthearted ramble to the peak of a nature park, while "Forager" brings its fast-paced harvesting and house-building to console. Elsewhere, look to "The Blackout Club" for four-player weird town survival horror, "Oxygen Not Included" for intricate and comedic space colony building, "The Bonfire" for survival on Android, and "The Church in the Darkness" for a jungle cult intervention.

Madden NFL 20
For PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC from August 2

As well as the usual raft of team uniform, squad, and playbook updates, player statistics, graphical upgrades, and a sprinkling of new features (superstar abilities, signature animations), this year's digital NFL game brings Face of the Franchise, in which players take a college football athlete up to NFL glory -- not unlike the path taken by cover star and NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes.

A Short Hike
For PC, Mac, and Linux from July 30

Scamper, climb, splash, flap and float on a ramble up to the top of a mountain in Hawk Peak Provincial Park. Along the way, play at the lakeside, fly free from rocky outcrops, chat to other hikers, go fishing, and dig up buried treasures.

Forager console edition
For PS4, Switch from July 30

A cute 2D exploration and crafting game with an enthusiastic community and a responsive developer. Previously released for PC and Linux, whose Steam edition holds a user rating of 91% (Very Positive).

Oxygen Not Included
For PC, Mac and Linux from July 30

Build and manage a growing space colony, from plumbing, power, food and oxygen distribution, up to its cartoon inhabitants' psychological health. Having been in Early Access since May 2017 (with a 93% positive Steam user rating), this launch update brings new asteroids, biomes, buildings, colony goals, and other adjustments.

The Blackout Club
For PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC from July 30

In a town where adults turn into zombies in their sleep and it's down to a group of teenagers to investigate, investigate alone or with up to three friends and survive long enough to get to the truth behind a creepy supernatural cult.

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands
For Android from July 30

Set up camp in a harsh, wintry landscape, build up defenses and resources, fend off monstrous beasts and uncover ancient secrets. Previously released on iOS, PC and Mac.

The Church in the Darkness
For PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC from August 2

Having followed your nephew to the separatist religious community he has joined, it's up to you to infiltrate the compound and find out how dangerous it really is, freeing him by any means if necessary.