GOT7’s Jackson Fanboys Over Song Ga Yeon and Asks to be Kicked

With a healthy, tanned woman who loves sports being his ideal type, GOT7’s Jackson freaked out at the sight of MMA fighter Song Ga Yeon on SBS’ Roommates.

Song Ga Yeon from Season 1 of Roommates appeared on the show on October 12 to pick up some of the stuff she left behind. At first sight of the athlete, Jackson ran away to this room, screaming in excitement

Jackson previously confided in his roommate, Seo Kang Jun, that Song Ga Yeon was the closest to his ideal type. Seeing her in person, Jackson began to panic in excitement, hiding out in the bathroom and the kitchen floor, as the other roommates began to tease the GOT7 member.

He later builds up the courage to ask Song Ga Yeon for a low kick, which she happily presented, leading to Jackson quietly rushing to his room to deal with the pain.

Photo Credit: SBS

Reporter : Grace Danbi Hong (
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