Video of plane stuck under footbridge near Delhi airport goes viral

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 (Screengrab from YouTube)
(Screengrab from YouTube)

A video of an Air India plane stuck under a footbridge went viral on social media on 3 October.

The viral video shows the plane which did not have any wings-wedged under a footbridge on a highway near Delhi Airport. While the plane is stuck on one lane, vehicles continue to pass on the other; leaving commuters and passersby amused.

Soon after the video went viral however, an Air India spokesperson clarified that the plane was actually a deregistered scrapped aircraft that had been sold off.

Speaking to news agency PTI, the Air India spokesperson said; “This was transported last night by the party. Air India has got no connection whatsoever with the aircraft under any circumstances."

However this did not stop jokes on social media.

This is not the first time that such an image has gone viral. In 2019, a truck carrying an abandoned India Post aircraft got stuck in the state of West Bengal.

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