Video shows Russian 'special military operation hero' begging for food on local administration steps

A Russian war criminal complains that the state does not care about him
A Russian war criminal complains that the state does not care about him

An eye-opening scene unfolded in Derbent, Dagestan, as a video surfaced on the social media platform X on April 4, showing a Russian veteran of the so-called "special military operation" in Ukraine pleading for help.

The footage depicts the man, identified as a "hero" from the 'operation', seated on the steps of the local district administration, appealing to passersby for financial assistance to buy food.

The "heroes'" poignant words underscore a grim reality: "I'm a 'special military operation' veteran sitting here by the administration building, begging for money to buy groceries. I have nothing to eat... The state provides no assistance, and no one helps."

It seems the Russian militants lucky enough to stumble back from their war against Ukraine alive have narrowed their post-combat options to three.The most popular – drink themselves stupid until their blood money runs dry.

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This incident sheds light on the broader issue of how Russian combatants returning from Ukraine are coping with their post-war lives. Many find themselves turning to alcohol, crime, or public appeals for support due to a lack of governmental aid.

The man's situation reflects a larger narrative of neglect and abandonment by the state, contrasting sharply with the fate of some who never returned, such as the Bashkir draftees whose initial jubilation turned to tragedy. This poignant episode highlights the ongoing struggles of veterans who, despite their service, find themselves forsaken and in desperate need.

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