Video Shows New Yorkers Rushing To Free People Trapped Under Scaffolding

Video Shows New Yorkers Rushing To Free People Trapped Under Scaffolding

Dozens ofNew Yorkersjumped into action after a scaffolding collapse in lower Manhattan Sunday morning left several people trapped, but fortunately with only minor injuries.

Video taken just before noon and posted on Twittershows people scrambling to remove pilesof boards and metal sheets after strong winds toppled the structure onto the sidewalk.

Three pedestrians were struck and injured by the falling debris and two were trapped beneath it along the corner of Prince and Broadway,the New York Post reported.

Those five people were “conscious and alert” when transported to a local hospital, New York City Fire Department Deputy Chief Joseph Lonino told the Post from the scene.

AM New York later reported that they suffered minor injuries.

Authorities blamed strong winds for the structure’s toppling.

In another wind-related incident captured on video Sunday,scaffolding was filmed hitting a buildingas it was tossed around in the air.

As terrifying as the scaffolding collapse may have been, the crowd’s united act to help those injured prompted an outpouring of love and pride for the city and its people on social media.

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