[Video] The Guys of ′The Romantic & Idol′ All Want the Same Girl

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All the guys on The Romantic & Idol seem to want one girl; where will this lead?

On the November 18 broadcast of tvN′s The Romantic & Idol, the boys of the show started on their war of nerves for 4minute Nam Ji Hyun′s hand.

The Romantic & Idol is a real love variety featuring the idol members Jun.K of 2PM, Mir of MBLAQ, JB of JJ Project, Park Hyung Sik of ZE:A, Nam Ji Hyun of 4minute, Oh Seung Ah of Rainbow, Hyejeong of AOA and Jei of Fiestar. The day′s broadcast showed how everyone got to know each other and enjoyed their dates at their guesthouse in Jeju Island.

On the first night, a music shuffle game was held to determine the couples for the night′s ′Starlight Date′. For the music shuffle game, the guys had to each play the music they prepared under the theme ′the music I want to hear with my lover in Jeju Island′, and if the girls liked the music they heard, they had to leave their rooms and appear in the yard where the music was being played. If more than one girl came out for the same guy, the guy got to choose a girl. Two teams succeeded in getting a match - Mir and Hyejeong and Jun.K and Nam Ji Hyun.

Jun.K became the object of jealousy as he got a date with Nam Ji Hyun, the most popular among the guys on the show. As soon as he finished his date and returned to their room, everyone started talking about how they felt.

JB first said, "To be honest, I think all the guys are looking toward one person."

Mir agreed, saying, "Yeah," but then as if he was wary of the cameras, added quickly, "Let′s not talk about it here."

In the preview that aired near the end of the episode, Jun.K was shown saying, "I think [Nam] Ji Hyun is really cute," while Mir also said, "Ms. Nam Ji Hyun is the best. Am I being too honest?"

Nam Ji Hyun showed she was confused, saying, "I can′t seem to keep my thoughts straight," but then she showed she was leaning toward Park Hyung Sik, saying on who had her heart at that moment, "I guess it would be that one I got to meet in person."

The Romantic & Idol is all about the real love between idol members on Jeju Island. It is produced by the producers of tvN′s Reply 1997.

Reporter : Lee, KyungNam (lee1220@cj.net)
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