Video of wedding guest continuing to eat as marquee burns down around him goes viral in India

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An almost meme-like video of guests at a recent wedding in India’s western city of Mumbai choosing to tuck into a feast as a fire raged around them, has gone viral.

The video shows two men relishing their food at the wedding as flames engulfed a portion of the marquee behind them.

A man, dressed in a white shirt, seemed to be in a dilemma — should he focus on the fire or the spread in front of him? Food won, as he continued to enjoy his meal, occasionally turning his head possibly to gauge how far the blaze has progressed.

The video has racked up more than 22,000 views since it was posted on 29 November. While it has amused some, others were shocked that the guests remained unfazed by the fire.

“Must be delicious,” wrote columnist Harish Iyer.

“They have their priorities in place,” added Twitter user Saharsh Damani.

The video was even compared to a popular meme of a kid playing on a swing while a nearby house completely burned down.

The fire broke out on Sunday evening at a marriage hall in Bhiwandi city. Although the cause of the fire was not immediately known, authorities suspect firecrackers led to the blaze.

Two six-wheelers and a storeroom that housed chairs and decorative materials were completely gutted in the blaze. No one sustained any injuries.

In another bizarre incident, a video making the rounds on social media showed a newlywed couple falling down from an excavator.

The couple were seen greeting guests while sitting on the bucket of the heavy machinery vehicle, adorned with a satin cloth. But suddenly, the bucket tilted, sending the couple crashing down to the ground.

While the couple picked themselves up, guests seemed to be worried. Users on Twitter criticised the wedding planners for such a dangerous stunt.

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