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    R.E.M. reunites at Songwriters Hall of Fame Induction

    STORY: :: Rock band R.E.M. reunites to performtogether for the first time in 15 years:: at the 53rd Songwriters Hall of Fame Induction and Awards Dinner in New York:: June 14, 2024:: Grammy winners Timbaland, Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban also performedThe induction of Hillary Lindsey was initiated by a performance by 8X GRAMMY award-winning country superstar Carrie Underwood and continued by 4X GRAMMY-winning musician Keith Urban.Timbaland was inducted by fellow 4X GRAMMY-winner and SHOF ind

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    Britain's Kate says she's making progress with cancer treatment

    STORY: :: FileBritain’s Princess Kate says she's making good progress with her cancer treatment... But warns she's (quote) "not out of the woods.":: Matt PorteousThis photo of her was released on Friday at the same time as a personal note.. :: FileWhere she says she's been (quote) “blown away” by kind messages from across the globe... and that they’ve made a big difference to her and her husband, Prince William, the heir-to-the-throne.In the message she says::: "There are good days and bad days.

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    The RNC launches a massive effort to monitor voting. Critics say it threatens to undermine trust

    The Republican National Committee is launching a battleground state initiative to mobilize thousands of polling place monitors, poll workers and attorneys to serve as “election integrity” watchdogs in November (AP video: Mike Householder)

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    Opal Lee gets keys to her new Texas home 85 years after a racist mob drove her family from that lot

    The 97-year-old Texan known for her push to make Juneteenth a national holiday has been given the keys to her new home. Opal Lee's new house is built on the same lot in Fort Worth that her family was driven from by a racist mob when Lee was 12. . (AP Video: Kendria LaFleur)

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    Yellowstone visitors hope to see rare white buffalo

    The recent appearance of a rare white bison calf has excited wildlife watchers in Yellowstone National Park. They've been keeping a close watch for the elusive animal since a wildlife photographer got several photos. (AP Video: Matthew Brown, Thomas Peipert)

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    Ukraine's older recruits await help from younger fighters

    STORY: From a trench near the front line in Ukraine's eastern Donetsk region, this 55-year-old soldier, who goes by the call sign "Dad," is conducting battleground training.Ukrainian forces, now 27 months into a war with Russia, have become heavily reliant on older soldiers like "Dad" to defend the country.But they need reinforcements.33rd Mechanized Brigade chief sergeant, call sign Deputy, is 44 years old.“In reality the average age of our brigade’s soldiers is quite high – there are a lot of

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    Lake Michigan Fog Shrouds Town in Thick Haze

    Dense fog rolled in off Lake Michigan on Friday, June 14, briefly shrouding the lakeside town of St Joseph, Michigan, in a thick haze.Nathan Voytovick, of Nate’s Dronography, captured this footage showing the cloud obstructing any view of the Great Lake.Another social user posted similar photos and wrote that they were being “consumed” by the fog. Credit: Nate’s Dronography via Storyful

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