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    Iconic Hollywood sign celebrates its 100th anniversary

    STORY: Hollywood Sign Trust Chairman Jeff Zarrinnam hosted an event giving fans a glimpse of how the sign looked when it was first illuminated on December 8th, 1923, with two 10-foot replica light fixtures adorned with vintage bulbs.The sign was first erected with lettering that read ‘Hollywoodland’ to promote a new housing development - with an intended run of only 18 months. But the sign has since endured the test of time.According to the Trust, over the decades the sign has become an economic

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    US, South Korea and Japan strengthen cyber security

    STORY: The national security advisers of the United States, South Korea and Japan met in Seoul on Saturday as Pyongyang warned that it would deploy more spy satellites.Sullivan said the meeting followed up on commitments set forth at the Camp David trilateral summit hosted by U.S. President Joe Biden in August, where leaders of the three allies pledged to deepen security and economic cooperation.North Korean state media repeated its stance on Saturday (December 9) that Pyongyang was determined t

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    EU reaches landmark deal to regulate AI

    STORY: EU countries and lawmakers on Friday agreed to a landmark deal to regulate artificial intelligence. The agreement, which makes the EU the first major world power to enact rules to govern AI, includes rules that governments can only use real-time biometric surveillance in public areas, only when there’s serious threats involved, like terrorist attacks. The deal regulates systems such as Chat GPT, which will soon need to comply with transparency obligations before they’re put on the market.

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    Christmas lights illuminate European capitals Berlin, London and Zagreb

    Christmas lights illuminate European capitals Berlin, London and Zagreb

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    Biden touts $3 billion for first high-speed rail in US

    STORY: Biden's remarks were made at the Carpenters International Training Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.The President also announced $8.2 billion in funding for 10 new passenger rail projects. The projects, funded by the $1 trillion infrastructure law, include $3 billion for the nation's first high-speed rail line, which will run through California, according to a senior administration official.Biden will next head to California for a three-day, star-studded fundraising trip to rake in a record am

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    Divers fight to save California's kelp forests threatened by warming ocean waters

    On the California coast, divers armed with hammers crush purple urchins that have ravaged most of the state's iconic kelp forests. It's one of several initiatives to restore leafy marine ecosystems threatened by warming ocean waters. (Dec. 9) (AP Video: Terry Chea)

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    Timelapse Shows Snow Sweeping Salt Lake City Suburb

    Timelapse video showed snow showers sweeping the Salt Lake City suburb of Alpine, Utah, on December 8.Video filmed by @DanHaslam shows the bands of lake effect snow in Alpine on Friday.The National Weather Service said the snow reduced visibility to as low as a fourth of a mile in Davis and Weber counties. Credit: @DanHaslam via Storyful