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    Lunar lander captures image of Schomberger crater

    STORY: The moon lander dubbed Odysseus is "alive and well" but resting on its side a day after a white-knuckle touchdown as the first private spacecraft ever to reach the lunar surface, and the first from the United States since 1972, the company behind the vehicle said on Friday.The vehicle is believed to have caught one of its six landing feet on the lunar surface near the end of its final descent and tipped over, coming to rest sideways, propped up on a rock, an analysis of data by flight eng

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    Ex-NRA chief mismanaged group's money, cost it $5.4mln

    STORY: Former National Rifle Association chief Wayne LaPierre had mismanaged the gun rights group, and cost it $5.4 million, that’s according to a New York state jury on Friday, ruling in a civil corruption case brought by New York attorney general Letitia James.LaPierre had already repaid the NRA a little more than $1 million.Letitia James' lawsuit filed in 2020 accused the group of diverting millions of dollars to fund luxuries for its leaders, as LaPierre enjoyed private jets and expensive tr

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    GOP must prevent needless shutdowns: White House

    STORY: Hardline House Republicans on Wednesday asked Speaker Mike Johnson to abandon talks with Senate Democrats on bipartisan spending legislation to avoid a government shutdown and instead implement an automatic spending cut agreed to by his predecessor.

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    0224 Today in History

    0224 Today in History

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    Germany joins legal cannabis club

    STORY: Germany has legalized cannabis for limited recreational use - joining a small club of countries and jurisdictions.The law was passed by Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s ruling coalition on Friday.Health minister Karl Lauterbach said the goal is to crack down on the black market and protect young people.Here’s what’s legal: Individuals can cultivate up to three plants for their own use - and possess up to 25 grams of cannabis.Larger-scale - but still non-commercial - cannabis production will be al

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    Snow lacking, French ski resort turns to new activities

    STORY: It's not the typical ski resort experience.Bikes on zip line and outdoor rides. Here in the French Pyrenees, a recurring absence of snow means uncertain times for businesses that revolve around ski hills. And while tourists may still remark at the view... "C'est super!"It's left resort staff wondering about their livelihood.MARIE-FLORENTINE HULIN: "In the future, will this become the only recipe for our resort in winter? I don't know, it's a difficult question to answer."Marie-Florentine

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    Biden announces over 500 new sanctions on Russia

    STORY: The United States imposed extensive sanctions against Russia, targeting more than 500 people and entities to mark the second anniversary of Moscow's invasion of Ukraine and retaliate for the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.Biden was expected to speak on Saturday in a video conference with G7 leaders and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy after imposing extensive sanctions against Russia on Friday to mark the second anniversary of Moscow's invasion of Ukraine and ret