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    Huge protests march against Argentina's education cuts

    STORY: Hundreds of thousands of Argentinians filled the streets of Buenos Aires as they marched against President Javier Milei's budget cuts to education on Tuesday, which affect public universities.The union-backed marches in the capital are the latest show of dissent over painful austerity measures, part of Milei's plan to undo Argentina's deep fiscal deficit, but which are causing hardship in the real economy.People waved banners reading "Don't steal the next generations’ future" and "Public

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    Pro-Palestinian protests spread to more US schools

    STORY: Pro-Palestinian student protests expanded to more U.S. college campuses on Tuesday, after mass arrests at demonstrations among a handful of mostly East Coast schools in recent days. They're all responding to Israel’s war in Gaza, launched after a deadly October raid by Hamas Islamist militants. At University of California Berkeley – a school with a strong legacy of student activism– students erected a tent camp on Tuesday in solidarity with protesters at other schools. The demonstrations

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    Kim Jong Un's sister vows 'overwhelming' military power

    STORY: Kim Jong Un's sister promised to build what she called "overwhelming and the most powerful military power" to protect North Korea and peace in the region.That's according to the North's KCNA news agency quoting her on Wednesday.Kim Yo Jong pointed to the U.S. military's exercises around the Korean peninsula this year, particularly live-fire drills with the quote "South Korean puppet military gangsters", as making the security situation in the area dangerously unstable.The US and South Kor

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    Livestream shows Lufthansa plane's rough landing

    STORY: ‘Airplane Videos’ was streaming on YouTube from LAX airport when the Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i executed the rejected landing.The commentator of the stream was heard giving shocked reactions, calling the incident the ‘roughest landing, I think, we ever caught on our broadcast’.The plane was seen successfully landing on the tarmac shortly after.

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    Analyst: Trump 'lucky' contempt order not more severe

    STORY: The former president is in court for the second day of his trial on charges he falsified business records to cover up a $130,000 payment before the 2016 election to buy port star Stormy Daniels' silence about a sexual encounter she says they had in 2006.Vida Johnson, an associate law professor at Georgetown University, said that Trump is likely the beneficiary of his wealth and power, and that a less privileged citizen could have already faced penalties as severe as imprisonment.Judge Jua

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    Torchlit march held in Yerevan to mark mass deaths of Armenians

    Thousands gathered for a torchlit procession in Yerevan on Tuesday to commemorate those Armenians killed in Ottoman Turkey more than a century ago.

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    Senate overwhelmingly passes aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan with big bipartisan vote

    The Senate has passed $95 billion in war aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, sending the legislation to President Joe Biden after months of delays and debate over how involved the United States should be in foreign wars.