Vietnam’s Edmicro selected for Gray Matters Capital’s edtech startup programme

Vietnam’s Edmicro selected for Gray Matters Capital’s edtech startup programme

Edmicro creates a smart self-learning ecosystem that allows Vietnamese students to learn, practice and master the subjects being taught in classrooms

Edmicro, a Hanoi-based edtech startup that is building a smart self-learning ecosystem for Vietnamese students, has been selected for the March 2019 cohort of GMC Calibrator, a programme run by US-based impact investment firm Gray Matters Capital (GMC).

The selection of Edmicro also marks GMC’s foray into Southeast Asia. It will look at funding high-growth high-impact for-profit enterprises from Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia for its gender lens portfolio – coLABS.

Edmicro will join eight other startups, including Dcoder, InnerHour, Lal10, Matrubharti, Quest Alliance and Skipy (all from India), along with two African startups — Sierra Leone based Mosabi and Kenya’s MumsVillage — for the programme.

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Founded by Que Nguyen, Dang Bao Linh and Linh Pham, Edmicro aims to create a smart self-learning ecosystem, called, for Vietnamese students that adapts to the needs of every learner and allows them to learn, practice and master the subjects being taught in their classrooms.

A cloud-computing platform, it was designed by learning scientists to measure and predict performance and progress in any digital learning product, and uses advanced machine-learning algorithms to analyse learner data and illuminate underlying patterns and relationships.

“75 per cent of Vietnamese students attend extra classes to understand lessons. They lack a good learning tool for complementing classroom learning through self-study. Teachers lack the teaching tools which enable them to record capabilities of each student, and support them in customising the teaching materials to personal student capabilities. Edmicro is filling in this gap,” said Nguyen, CEO and CTO, Edmicro.

“Our participation in the GMC Calibrator will help us in fine-tuning our personalised learning solutions and make our micro learning offerings more effective in improving learning outcomes by analysing learner data better,” he added.

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“We wish to replicate the success of optimising the performance of India’s leading test-prep solutions such as MadGuy Labs and SarkariPariksha with Edmicro to make it the self-learning platform of choice for students through the GMC Calibrator intervention,” said Omkar Kulkarni, Programme Head, GMC Calibrator.

GMC Calibrator is a digital programme launched in April 2018 with an aim to make the mobile phone a device to promote ‘self learning to earning’ by improving user engagement, monetisation and optimisation of mobile learning platforms. This is done by understanding and implementing the principles of behavioural science and data-driven decision making.

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“From an engagement point of view, we saw impact on the lines of 30 per cent increase in monthly retention and 20 per cent average increase in revenue across the first cohort we ran from June to December 2018. Three companies of the cohort raised funding during the six-month engagement while two made it to Google Launchpad and Reliance’s Jio GenNext Accelerator. We are confident of calibrating more such success stories with our March 2019 cohort,” Kulkarni noted.

Gray Matters Capital (GMC) is an Atlanta-based impact investor with a gender lens that is on a mission to support “an education leading to a more purposeful life for 100 million women by 2036.” In India, it is focused on making investments in for-profit enterprises providing access to affordable quality education and employability leading to a future job ready workforce with 21st century skills.

Globally, GMC makes sector agnostic investments in for-profit enterprises whose products or services benefit women and girls at scale through its gender lens portfolio coLABS.

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