Vietnam Spends $4.47 Billion on Mobile Phone Imports

Anh-Minh Do

With over 140 million cellphones in Vietnam, and an approximate population of 90 million, it’s no surprise that mobile phone imports in the country have seen a 70 percent year-on-year increase. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam spent $4.47 billion on mobile phones imports in 2012.

With mobile penetration at well over 150 percent, Vietnam is a burgeoning mobile market. Although feature phones still dominate the market, 2013 will be the year for smartphones to step into the spotlight.

The Vietnamese economy has slowed down to a relatively sluggish 5.0 percent growth rate but certain industries like tourism remain resilient. Officials in Vietnam would like technology to help bring Vietnam’s economic growth back on track and mobile, with its continued explosive growth rate, will be central to this.


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