‘The View’: Robert De Niro Goes on Profanity-Laced Warning About Trump, Says His Slogan Should Be ‘F– America’ | Video

In case you were concerned, no your audio didn’t go out during Tuesday morning’s episode of “The View” — Robert De Niro was simply bleeped out for several seconds, when he went on a profanity-laced tangent about Donald Trump. But, even without sound, his words were pretty clear, suggesting that Trump’s campaign slogan should be “F— America.”

The moment came toward the end of the show, which De Niro appeared on in support of his new film “Ezra,” which also happens to have “View” moderator Whoopi Goldberg in its cast. Eventually, as the conversation shifted to his family a bit, De Niro joked that his newborn daughter is the only member of the family who can’t criticize him or his films.

At that, host Sunny Hostin segued into asking De Niro about his thoughts on Trump, and the criticisms he’s received for being so outspoken against the former president. But De Niro isn’t phased by them, and went off on Trump yet again, saying that he doesn’t understand “why people are not taking him seriously”

“I mean, who does not think this guy is gonna do exactly what he says he’s gonna do? He’s done it already,” De Niro said. “And then what? We’re gonna sit around, say what, I told you so? It’s gonna happen. If he gets elected, it’s gonna change this country. For everybody. And they might think that it’s gonna make their life better, or they just want to — excuse my french –“

At that, De Niro was censored, and the camera panned far enough away that it wasn’t possible to make out what he was saying in the footage. You can watch the moment in the video below.

But he wasn’t finished, and his next thoughts were a bit clearer to see.

“He’s done everything. What more do you need? It’s almost like he wants to do the worst that he could possibly do to show this country — to f— with it,” De Niro appeared to say, though he was once again bleeped out.

But, the camera stayed on him, and though the audio was cut, he seemed to very clearly say, “His slogan should be ‘F— America. I want to f— America.'”

You can also watch that moment in the video below.

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