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The Webby Awards annual public vote pulls together a collection of notable websites across a multitude of categories, and this year's nominees in Art and NetArt including two MoMA microsites, the Guggenheim blog network, and various Google-related endeavors.

New York's Museum of Modern Art appears twice in the Webby Awards Art category, first for the interactive display of Cindy Sherman's photographic work (, and again with a companion site for its "Century of the Child" exhibition (

Two more denizens of the Five Boroughs appears by way of the slick New Museum website ( and the Guggenheim's Blogs ( -- though the latter's fascinating focus is on Asian artwork -- while Montreal's VICE Magazine supplies the fifth nomination thanks to its bustling Creators Project (

More experimental undertakings populate the Webbys' sibling NetArt category, where Google
enterprises or offshoots account for three of the five available slots vying for your vote.

Chrome Experiments 500 ( represents the best of predominantly user-submitted visual web wizardry, part of a quest initially conceived to stretch Google's web browser Chrome but viewable to an extent via other applications.

Meanwhile, the Chrome Web Lab ( is a collection of five discrete experiments, presented in collaboration with the London Science Museum, and invites visitors to create music together, travel via web-teleportation, have their portrait drawn by robots, trace web data, and explore each others' creations.

Likewise, ASCII Street View ( reinterprets Google Maps' Street View through the medium of colored text.

Alternate offerings exist in the form of Bear 71 (, a 20-minute interactive documentary that follows the life of a bear in southwest Canada's Banff National Park. It's already the recepient of another prominent accolade, having been made the Favourite Website Awards' site of 2012.

Another impressive FWA award winner, Form Follows Function (, is widely considered a triumph of interactive design, optimized for both desktop and tablet viewing.

Voting for the People's Voice awards closes April 25, with all winners to be announced on April 30 and a ceremony scheduled for May 21 in New York.

Webby Awards 2013 Art Category public vote:

Webby Awards 2013 NewArt Category public vote:


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