Viewers not impressed with NBC's 'green zone' innovation for 'Sunday Night Football'

NBC’s “green zone” technology appears to be pointless and prompted fans to mock the technology’s debut without mercy on Twitter. (AP)

The yellow line is a Hall of Fame level sports broadcasting innovation.

The digitally imposed first-down marker developed by Sportvision and launched on ESPN in 1998 changed the way fans watch football and has inspired a host of digital enhancements to improve the home viewing experience.

NBC launches redundant technology

In the tradition of the yellow line, NBC launched the “green zone” during its “Sunday Night Football” broadcast featuring the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals.

This did not go over well.

The issue here is that the green zone is pointless. NBC digitally alters the field a darker shade of green between the line of scrimmage and first-down marker, showing fans how far the ball needs advanced to achieve a first down.

It’s a cool idea if the yellow line didn’t already do that exact job, only better.

Fans show no mercy for “green zone”

Twitter users were quick to point this out and mocked the “green zone” without mercy.

Meanwhile, some color blind viewers were left wondering what the fuss was about.

Networks are constantly looking to find new innovations to improve the viewer experience. This attempt seems bound for the trash heap.

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