Vin Diesel gave baby daughter car

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel gave his infant daughter a red Chevelle car.

The Fast & Furious actor has driven numerous sports cars during the course of making the six films in the franchise.

Vin has one vehicle in particular that was his favourite, which he has ensured stays in his life after the cameras stop rolling.

"For me, I like the red Chevelle. I gave it to my daughter," Vin told MTV.

Vin's daughter, Hania Riley, was born in 2008 to his girlfriend, model Paloma Jimenez.

The star had been filming Fast & Furious on the day of her birth. Therefore he felt it was apt to gift her the keys to the red race car on the day she turned one.

Vin also shared a terrifying near death experience that happened to him on the set of the action blockbuster.

During one driving scene, the real life racing action got a bit too much for him. The scary moment came about after Vin was told to drive through a wall of smoke, but the crew failed to mention the tanks were filled with gas.

"Once I get to the gas tanks, it's like two giant fireballs were shot at my car," he finished.

Parts of latest sixth instalment of the franchise were filmed in London, UK.

The film features a cameo from singer Rita Ora, with Vin introduced to the star through P. Diddy.

"We were looking for someone to kick off the most quintessential race in the movie," he said to the BBC.

"We wanted somebody that represented today's London. The kind of multicultural London of today. She was perfect."

Vin hinted that a seventh Fast & Furious movie might be in the pipeline. The Hollywood hardman teased at who he would like to see in the movie.

"The Rihanna character, the character that the studio has been considering Rihanna for, is in the seventh film," he teased.

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