Vintage-style pottery is back, and this time it's got graphic motifs

Pottery is back, now with graphics and color.

With slender, willowy vases, elegant shapes and ceramic styles, vintage-style pottery is far from has-been. In fact, it's gearing up for summer to bring a touch of vibrant graphic style to homes in need of some sunshine.

If you think that pottery and ceramics are old hat, then think again. In fact, much to your granny's delight, they're coming back into fashion. Since the 1990s, and the famous steamy scene in "Ghost" where Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze work clay on the wheel, pottery was forgotten... before making its comeback. In fact, this fine material, which is sculpted and baked, is of keen interest to designers, who have given the medium a new lease of life.

Ceramics with flair

Pottery often brings to mind muted tones like beige and white. But Casa Cubista, for example, offers all kinds of jazzy creations that are handmade in Portugal. Plates in the speckled Chroma Max and Chroma Min patterns are joined by a matching jug in color combinations that break with tradition.

Between the lines

To liven up any meal, Casa Cubista plays with diagonal lines to contrast with the round shape of plates and cups. These optical effects bring a new focal point to the table, with obtuse angles, parallels and diagonal lines, playing with your eyes and drawing your attention to whatever's on the menu.

Nothing by halves

For a more subtle effect, other plates have chevrons and waves that burst in from two sides to liven up dinner parties in style.

Color combo

Finally, you can always keep it simple at coffee time with a refreshing two-tone coffee-and-cream color combo.

Mylène Bertaux